feeling-lowNew clients are understandably nervous about coming to Future Living for the first time, but you have made the single most important step when you walk through our front door.
The rest will get easier.

You will meet with a caring professional who will take you through what we do at Future Living, our rules and what we can offer. They will work with you to write a Life Course Plan for your immediate future, including not only your treatment plan but some of our other exciting and enjoyable projects on offer. They will look with you at anything that is urgent in your life right now to see what we can do to help.

FLH-okThe next step is an invitation to join a small informal therapy group. Our clients are friendly and caring, understanding what you are feeling and there to support you ,along with our own staff.

You wont be expected to say anything other than to introduce yourself. It might be weeks, or even months before you are ready to join in and speak up, but Future Living is a long term support organization, so however long it takes you is up to you.

We are here for the long haul.