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Banks take a serious view on Financial Abuse

High Street Banks and financial institutions are supporting victims of financial abuse with some useful information on things that can be done to separate finances from previous abusive partners and protect your location. Their published information covers such things as identifying financial abuse and preventing people from taking out credit cards and loans in your name. Banks and FInancial Institutions have also agreed to adopting training and a domestic abuse policy enabling everyone to support potential victims. For further details go to: or

The Department for Work & Pensions are also contributing to ensuring that Universal Credits are not misused by just one partner in a joint claim. You can attend any DWP centre and request a change under 'exptional circumstances' - in this case DV - which will split the Universal Credit payment into proportionate amounts for each applicant. You will need your own bank account to do this before you attend any of their centres.

High Street Businesses are all doing their part along with services such as those provided by our charity to ensure that people experiencing domestic abuse can make positive changes in their lives.

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