Generous Donation – Grumpy Givers

We had a wonderful surprise during 2021 – a really generous donation through our bankers CAF Bank, from a group called Grumpy Givers – what a lovely name!  We understand that they wish to remain anonymous and we want to respect that.  However, we wish to say a big THANK YOU to those involved for their generosity and let them know their donation will be spent wisely and all on our clients.

Children & Young people and their families feature more and more in our daily work here at Future Living, and we wanted to expand what we can offer in our community to this group in the way of therapy.  This donation has therefore funded a new model of work with the whole family, which will offer talk and art therapy, group therapy programmes and additional ad hoc projects.  We are also hoping to add a drama/music project that will help heal the trauma surrounding domestic abuse and addiction.

Our teams of volunteers and staff work incredibly hard to help those who need them and we are extremely grateful for their work and commitment.   So a big THANK YOU to them too!.  Donations such as these which make it all possible.

Please keep the donations coming – we will spend your money wisely and support those in our community that need us the most.




Sandra Conte, CEO.


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