Male Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse Programme

As leaders in the field of domestic abuse services for women, Future Living Hertford is adding to its already significant and successful programmes supporting survivors of domestic violence and abuse.  In addition to its Monica programme, a new programme, Wise Guys is launching in the Autumn and is dedicated to supporting men who have experienced domestic abuse and violence.

Domestic abuse towards men is happening.  It’s happening right now. And we need to talk about it. Let’s stop shuffling this issue under the carpet and let’s start helping you when you feel you have nowhere to turn.


We have been undertaking research in collaboration with a psychologist, the public, stakeholders and our existing clients over some months to inform the design of a programme supporting men.   What are your needs?  Who do you tell?  Are you embarrassed by admitting it?  Where do you go to get help?  What type of help is it?  What does it cost?  There are many questions around this topic.

We have researched the answers to these questions but are asking for your help with further a further survey.   Would you be willing to talk to someone at Future Living?  Would you be interested in completing an online survey?  (see our home page button to take you to the survey).  Would you come forward and enrol on the course?  What would be your needs? 

This very short survey has been designed to inform the project and Future Living welcomes any men to complete.  This only takes a few minutes and is completely anonymous -you won’t have to give any of their personal details.

But what you will be giving is an important insight into what kind of service you feel you would really benefit from. Future Living will then take away this information from all survey responses and complete the design of a tailored course to meet your needs and encompass the requests of every respondent.

This new course will therefore be wholly informed by the men living in Hertfordshire and centres around the importance of peer support. It has already been evidenced that sharing in a safe environment can lead to positive outcomes for both the sharer and those listening, and Future Living want to create an environment for peers to meet and talk.

The group work is designed to build trusted relationships with like-minded men in a safe environment and learn the skills necessary for you to move forward and flourish in life.

Some of you may be suffering from anxiety and depression which is common in this situation, some may have been or are misusing substances to hide from the pain you feel; Future Living are experts in the field of addiction recovery and work on this topic will be included in our new programme.

This exciting new programme will be free to access –  in addition there will be weekly personal counselling available for each client at affordable rates. The service is also self-referring. There will be no need for you to go to your doctor first, or to be already in receipt of support from mental health services.  You can just telephone and arrange an assessment.

All too often men are tasked by society to keep up appearances. Future Living wants to break down these taboos and get to the heart of the matter. Helping you to move forward in your lives with dignity, strength and hope.

If you feel you can contribute any information, which will be treated in strictest confidence (you don’t have to give your name or contact details) but know that you will be helping others in gaining the help you and they need to overcome your trauma.