New Government plans to tackle economic abuse


What is economic abuse?

Economic abuse is a recognised form of domestic abuse under the Domestic Abuse Act 2021. It involves the perpetrator establishing full control over their partners economic resources. As a result, the victim becomes solely reliant on the perpetrator financially. This removes the victim’s capacity to support themselves, leading to entrapment within the relationship.  Examples of this type of abuse include, bank cards being taken from the victim, ‘borrowing’ money that is not repaid, taking pension payments or benefit payments intended for the victim. 


Recognising the signs…

On 12th July the Government announced that UK businesses and charities would receive a free interactive guide to help them spot the signs of economic abuse, particularly when speaking to victims via phone. 

The guide, which will become more widely available later this year has already been released to 30,000 HMRC staff. According to Surviving Economic Abuse, One in 6 Britons are unaware of the signs of financial abuse and over a third of women who experienced financial abuse did not tell anyone. It is common for the victim to feel embarrassed, ashamed and frightened of what is happening to them.

Signs that someone may be subject to this are: Being short of money, even for inexpensive items when they are in employment, asking to borrow money, food or essential items being in short supply, wearing worn out clothes or an unkempt appearance through lack of funds. In some cases, the perpetrator may stop the victim from working all together. This leaves their partner with no money of their own and making them feel powerless. 

How to get help….

There are a range of dedicated services who can help for anyone who is being controlled financially. Surviving Economic Abuse has some useful information and further details of services you can contact. Future Living offer services to support victims with their recovery from domestic abuse. We also offer counselling to help survivors deal with the trauma they have suffered. 


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