A healthy relationships programme for Young People in Hertfordshire.

We all know that relationships can be challenging, not just with partners but those with family, peers and friends.  Knowing what a healthy relationship can look and feel like can be daunting; we all have perceptions and expectations and some of these can be learned from family life and aren't always positive.

Future Living Hertford has surveyed young people to see how they feel and what they would like support with.  The results of this survey were used to write a dedicated young peoples programme - Young Hearts.  It makes sense of the term 'relationship', it looks at what is healthy and unhealthy.  It provides tools to manage situations that might be hard to control.  It gives a sense of who you are, who you want to be and what you can achieve with a little help - an identity.

Initially the programme will be rolled out to Years 9 - 13 in schools with a view to extending the programme to other organisations in the future.

If your school is interested in participating in the programme please contact Sandra Conte on 01992 537344 for further information.

01992 537344


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