Young Hearts

Young Hearts

The press coverage this week of the growing problem of sexual abuse in schools and Ofsted leading an urgent inquiry into schools’ response has highlighted the need for a programme designed to educate young people in healthy relationships. 


Future Living Hertford has been working with local secondary schools in the past delivering our Young Hearts programme and are currently exploring with local authority partners the option of expanding the programme into primary schools. 


As one of the services offered under The Base, our specialist service for children and families, our Young Hearts programme helps young people make sense of the term ‘relationship’.  

  •         It looks at what is healthy and unhealthy. 
  •         It provides tools to manage situations that might be hard to control. 
  •         It gives a sense of who you are, who you want to be and what you can achieve with a little help – an identity.

Initially the programme has been rolled out to Years 9 – 13 in schools with a view to extending the programme to other ages and organisations in the future.


If your school is interested in participating in the programme please contact Sandra Conte on 01992 537344 for further information.


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