Daring to Parent Course

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Here at Future Living Hertford our work focuses on helping Domestic Violence victims and survivors and we are really proud of the work that we do.

We also take a huge amount of pride in our wonderful community here in Hertford and we want to put Vale House, our beautiful listed building in the heart of Hertford, to good use in providing a welcoming and inclusive space to provide engaging and enriching workshops and courses for the people that make our community what it is.

We are excited to share our new course Daring to Parent programme.  The course is a 6 week group work programme, which will initially be held on Tuesday mornings.  It is designed to offer flexible skills that are applicable to parenting children of all ages and can be adapted to the specific needs of parents in the group. It is an evidence based programme designed to strengthen parenting skills in a way that is respectful, structured and compassionate.

The programme supports parents/carers to learn how to meet and identify their own needs and values in order that they can offer connection and hold boundaries in a way that is empathic and consistent and supports parents to understand child development and recognise their children’s needs and feelings in order that they can meet these in a proactive and empathic way.  A fundamental part of the course involves parents identifying and managing their own ‘triggers’, the things that make parenting difficult.

Parents on the programme will learn:

  • Strategies to recognize and calm their own triggers.
  • How children’s development affects their behaviour and how to set age and developmentally appropriate expectations.
  • The value of relationships and tools for creating closer connections.
  • The value of empathy and curiosity and how to use these for understanding children’s needs.
  • Tools for setting limits and holding boundaries without punishments.
  • Proactive tools for avoiding challenging behaviour and conflict.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.  Referrals can be sent to our [email protected] inbox.


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