Future Living Hertford’s One Stop Shop – A supportive space for survivors of domestic abuse in East Hertfordshire

Future Living Hertford One Stop Shop

We are pleased to provide some more information about Future Living Hertford’s Domestic Abuse Drop-in and One Stop Shop. When a survivor of domestic abuse initially decides to leave and reach out for support, it can seem overwhelming with so many different services available. That is why we wanted to create a safe space where those affected can find the help they need in one place, whilst letting us support them along the way.  There are many questions swirling around in people’s heads at this time.

What do I do about:

  • Finding a home, tenancies and mortgages?
  • Finding employment?
  • Never worked? Where can I find training to get a job?
  • Where do I get legal advice that I cant afford to pay for?
  • The Benefit system and finances
  • Debt counselling?
  • Personal counselling?
  • Children & their needs and care?
  • Child Care Orders?
  • Non molestation orders?
  • Police Contact?
  • Refuge Accommodation?
  • Other issues you might wish to discuss.

What does Future Living Hertford’s One Stop Shop look like?

It’s a safe and non judgemental space with experienced team members who are there for you.  You can relax and we will help you to take the anxiety out of this sensitive situation.

Future living Hertford’s One Stop Shop is aimed at enabling more survivors of domestic abuse to  know how to access support and learn what is available to them. We can help plan what their next moves might be, for example, if they haven’t left:

  • how do they go about leaving
  • what do they need to take with them
  • what about housing 
  • finances
  • children and work   

How Future Living can help

We can also advise about what Future Living Hertford does as a charity, including our Monica Programme, a 12 week in person programme specifically for female survivors of domestic abuse and Wise Guys, our 12 week online programme for men. Our affordable counselling service is also run at Vale House. This can be really beneficial for those who have been through domestic abuse as it can help the victim process what they have been through in a safe and controlled way. 

Recovering from domestic abuse can take time,  if we are not the service needed upon the initial visit, we also offer free advice, information and support about a range of organisations and agencies to help find the service needed in the local area. 

At Future Living Hertford, we understand that both women and men can be affected by domestic abuse and we welcome both genders to our drop-in sessions. The sessions are laid back, we have confidential spaces where we can discuss your needs with no prior appointment necessary. We don’t judge, we are here to listen and help you in any way we can with the needs you have. We simply offer a listening ear, a hot cup of tea and a biscuit or two!

Our friendly and knowledge team are on hand every Tuesday from 10:00 – 12:00 at our permanent base at Vale House in Hertford. Come along and see how we can help you with our discreet, non judgemental one stop shop. 


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