It’s NOT OK – By Future Living’s White Ribbon Ambassadors


Through Future Living’s partnership with a local secondary school, they have been running a White Ribbon Ambassador programme. Students at the school volunteered to work with Future Living to promote the aims of the White Ribbon campaign. The White Ribbon Campaign is a global movement of men and boys working to end male violence against women and girls. Although young in age, the ambassadors are able to see the connection between the often ignored, common behaviours between young people, which create a culture for abuse towards women and girls to be nurtured. 

Our White Ribbon Ambassadors most recent project…..

Their most recent project was to create a poster campaign to be displayed around their school. As well as this, the students are also looking into how the campaign can be rolled out further into the community. The poster’s theme is ‘It’s Not OK’ and highlights behaviours that do not promote safety and respect.


The White Ribbon Ambassadors for Future Living said this:


“Young people might have influences from older generations that think it’s normal to make generalisations and stereotypes. It is important for young people to recognise what is acceptable and unacceptable. By reading the messages on the posters, this may allow young people to question their own behaviour or the behaviour from their peers. The posters are important as a visual representation. They can serve as a reminder to change the way they see things, eg gender stereotypes. “

What is not ok……………

Examples of the posters can be seen in the images. This is some of the thinking the White Ribbon Ambassadors had behind the messages. 


To make comments about someone’s appearance- These words may never go away, they will always be in the back of your head.  This has the biggest impact on self esteem. This message will remind young people that it is not acceptable and there needs to be boundaries.

 Taking photos and share them without permission– The hope is to promote more self awareness, specifically with phone usage. You should be able to speak to someone and be honest. You should be able to to politely ask if a picture can be deleted without backlash. 

Saying you ‘kick like a girl’- This shouldn’t be gender stereotyped because of the impact it may have on young girls/boys who want to take part in sport; this should be associated with a skill set and abilities rather than your gender. 

Making fun of people for speaking out – Everyone has a right to speak out and feel safe, everyone’s opinions matter. 

Feeling peer pressured into laughing along– It’s okay to speak out if you don’t want to laugh at someone’s expense. This may allow other young people not to feel pressured to go along with peers. 

To make someone feel bad about appearance/ how they look– Your mindset affects how you treat others, messages on posters will remind young people this is not acceptable. 

Start a conversation……

The White Ribbon Ambassadors feel it’s important to get young people talking. They encourage this by projects such as their posters. Although, they also feel it is equally important to consider that the perpetrators may not be intentionally saying derogatory comments. However, it may be a response from other factors like bullying they may be experiencing. Some of these perceived ‘jokes’ may be at a young person’s own expense and can have an impact on your wellbeing.


Future Living is excited to continue working with these inspiring and driven young people. It is  a cause that is so important for their future and for a future free from Domestic Abuse.


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