Counselling – Taking back control of your life

Counselling - taking back control of your life

It’s safe to say, no one knows you better than you know yourself. After all, you’ve spent your whole life trying to master the art of being you! It can be easy for others to pass judgment on who you are merely by your appearance or personality. Some may think they know you well but the truth is, only you truly know how you feel. Sometimes a smile can hide an internal battle that you are fighting. It’s common for those who struggle with their mental health to portray an alter ego of themselves or an act for the outside world. But when they close the door behind them or draw the curtains at night, the mask can begin to slip and they are left with just themselves again. 


Opening up….

If you are someone who is struggling, this can be uncomfortable and distressing. You may have even thought about asking for help or speaking to someone. The problem is, when you find it hard to express how you feel, why would you want to go to speak to a stranger you’ve never met. You may be under the illusion that someone like a counsellor may be looking to solve all your problems. But how can they when they don’t know you?


There are many different types of counselling. At Future Living Hertford, all of our counsellours offer what’s known as person centered counselling. The style of counselling involves the counsellor acting as a guide and support to the client, who can choose the topic for discussion for each session. It is not led by the counsellor, the client is in control and we believe that this is the way it should be. 


How will the counsellor help?………

The counsellor will not have an agenda of what to discuss each session, they will simply offer a non judgemental listening ear and safe space, to support the client through their journey. It’s actually a brave step to begin counselling as you are essentially saying; ‘I am ready to take hold of the steering wheel again’ At first this can seem daunting, but that is why the counsellor is there to help guide you through the process, maybe just tapping the brake every now and again. 


Your counsellor will help you to realise what resources and support are available to you, so that you can use them to work through your own issues, build your self-confidence and appreciate that you always have options. They will treat you as the expert on yourself! 


What our client’s say……

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read of what some of Future Living’s counselling client’s have to say about their experience:


‘’I found my counsellor amazing, she helped me in so many ways. I would highly recommend the counselling service at Future Living.’’

Future Living counselling client


‘’Counselling has changed my life.”

Future Living counselling client


‘’I have found counselling at Future Living very beneficial and would highly recommend it.’’

Future Living counselling client


Our counselling service is affordable and reliable. What’s more, we currently have no waiting lists!

What are you waiting for?……………

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