Mentoring in The Monica Programme – By Sandra Conte Future Living Founder & CEO

Jodie - Monica Programme Mentor

Clients Become Mentors……

Some time ago I felt that we should include clients in the work of the Monica Programme going forward and give them opportunities to be a part of the charity as their feedback has always been vital to its success.  Clients often ask if they can ‘give back’ to the charity.  At the start of 2024 we put this into practice in the Monica programme groups. We have trained two previous clients to Mentor other new clients within the group.  We have now progressed to training another two new Mentors, giving us four,  with more to come!  This was feedback from one of the Mentors in the programmes:


Thoughts from a client……

My name is Jodie and to be a Monica Programme Mentor is a massive achievement for me. When I first walked into the group in 2021, I was scared. I felt Isolated, full of anxiety and I didn’t know where to turn. 

My life was falling apart and I had no idea who to turn to. The Monica group and ladies saved me from myself. I  learnt the skills and developed a better understanding of how to take back control of my life. I accept and forgive myself about what had happened to me, realising that I am a victim and none of this is my fault. 

Finally, I found a place where I was accepted for being me. My confidence and most importantly, I found friends who I will be forever grateful for. Being asked to be a Mentor was a huge honor. I will never be able to thank Future Living enough for changing my life. Being a Mentor and giving back whilst supporting other women is a start!

It’s true when they say your future starts here! The Monica Programme has made me a strong, independent women again. It’s given  skills to forgive and smile, even on the hardest days.”


Reflecting on The Monica Programme…..

As the CEO and the person who wrote the Monica programme originally,  it gives me so much pleasure to hear Jodie’s words. I  thank her for having the courage to share her experiences with other new ladies joining the programme.  I know how vital it is for clients to continue to rebuild their confidence and self esteem as this is just the start of a new journey for them.

Their input and voice within the group is really appreciated – sometimes we think we have all the answers, but often they lay with our clients.  We have adapted the programme many times over the years to embrace some of the issues our clients bring to the group, in a way that acknowledges them and gives opportunity to work through such issues in a safe space.

I think we should also remember that this kind of opportunity retains the contact with clients in future and still provides a safe space for them too.  Some of our relationships with clients have lasted years – some clients work for us now – we’re all one big family! 


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