My role as a caseworker at Future Living


Where it all began

In August 2022, I began the role of Family Caseworker at Future Living. Having spent 12 years as a primary teacher, I wanted to find a role where I could actively support  families and their wellbeing. The work of the charity immediately jumped out to me. It looked to be what so many families I had worked with in the past needed.

I spend 3 days a week in a Hertford secondary school. I support students who are referred to us and coordinate their therapeutic journeys. After an initial referral, I  assess  the young person. I then discuss with the team the services we can offer. I am the point of contact for the students within the school. As well as this, I also manage the logistics of the therapeutic services that we offer. 

Case working

Another part of the job involves case working directly with students. It can help them manage challenges in their lives. Coming from a primary education background, I understand the importance of a child’s wellbeing and how this directly correlates to them reaching their fullest potential. This role fits perfectly in the secondary setting. It provides support for those who need it. It also acts as an extension of the support network children had in the earlier years of their education. 

About the work I do

Each week I complete casework with students requiring support in a range of areas. This part of the job is incredibly rewarding. It truly is an honour to support such brave young people. I have learnt that young people are often looking for a safe space. A space where someone will listen to them with kindness and without judgment. They do not want to be lectured or instructed on what to do. More importantly, they’d much rather engage in discussions and suggestions. Having a Caseworker provides this outlet. 

The other two days of the week, I am based at Vale House, working with adult clients. Facilitating the Monica Programme and meeting the courageous survivors of domestic abuse has been an inspiring part of the job. I never cease to be amazed by the kind and supportive environment of the group room here on a Thursday morning. As a result, I have learnt so much from the inspirational Monica programme ladies. 

Young Hearts

Part of my role is a nod to my past life as a primary teacher. I have been delivering Future Living’s ‘Young Hearts’ healthy relationships programme in East Herts primary schools. This has been a wonderful opportunity to hold thought provoking discussions with year 6 students. It allows them to express their thoughts, experiences and concerns. I truly believe in the importance of equipping young people with the skills they will use whilst negotiating relationships in their future lives and this programme provides a vehicle for just that. 

Each and every day in this role is different and rewarding. I feel very lucky to have found Future Living and pleased that my career has taken this direction. Being surrounded by a knowledgeable team and inspirational clients is a privilege and I am excited for what the future holds for everyone. 


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