The roots of our services


Who are we?

Future Living Hertford is delighted to be continuing to offer Domestic Abuse Recovery Services. We are an independent charity operating with grant funding and social enterprise. 


What do we offer?

Future Living Hertford offers The Monica Programme for female survivors of domestic abuse. The life changing empowerment programme will be running twice more in 2023 and continuing in 2024 and more if needed. 


The weekly group sessions provide a support network for women who have previously felt isolated. The human connection through the in-person format and the power of a safe space, without judgment, are at the heart of the Monica programme’s success for over 7 years.


Future Living Hertford is also proud to be one of the only organisations in the area to offer a recovery programme for male survivors of domestic abuse, Wise Guys. As well as providing support for men, this programme helps break the taboos around male victims of abuse. 

Our impact

Alongside group sessions in the programmes, participants receive 10 hours of free counselling to work through their own personal experiences. Many clients would not be able to afford counselling or be eligible for support from the NHS so these free sessions are a lifeline for many of our clients.

One client who graduated from our most recent programme said: I am so glad I joined and completed the Monica programme. It has been a magnificent experience. I am closer to living the life I want to live.

When I first started I wanted to be told what to do but now I have the confidence to make decisions for myself.


Clients enrolled on the programmes will rebuild their self confidence and learn skills needed to have healthy future relationships. Within the 12 weeks of the programme the change in our clients is palpable and lives are transformed for the better. 

Further services

We have a community bakery, 43 bakery on site. This acts as a hub for support networks to grow and thrive and ensures our relationship with clients continues after they have completed a programme. There are also opportunities for employment and training for clients to help rebuild their lives.

At Future Living, we  really do  offer something for everyone. For parents, we offer Kids Kit. The sessions are once again free to attend and offer the same non-judgemental environment for those who do. It’s about getting parents together who can relate and learn from each other’s experiences, it’s another service which helps those who may be facing challenging circumstances feel less alone. 

Our charity also features The Base, a range of services for children and young people. We have a knowledgeable team which consists of experienced Art, Play and Talk Therapists who help the young people they work with reach their full potential.

As our logo suggests we are a stable charity which branches out far and wide to help support clients who need it most!


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