Wise Guys – A programme for male survivors of domestic abuse


Our work with male clients…

At Future Living, we work with both female and male victims of domestic abuse. Although rates of male victims are somewhat lower than that of female victims, many men do suffer horrific abuse at the hands of their partner too.


As a service we see this first hand on a daily basis. Which is why we have a dedicated support programme specifically for men called Wise Guys. The programme runs for 7 weeks and provides a safe space for men.  The men we encounter, have often been too afraid to share their experience of domestic abuse up until their initial contact with Future Living. The programme provides an opportunity for the group to come together to learn about what a healthy relationship looks like. During the programme they actively  explore their feelings and can share their experiences, if they feel comfortable doing so.


The impact Wise Guys has on our clients…

All too often, men can feel isolated and find it hard to open up about difficult subjects.  There’s definitely something to be said for getting a group of likeminded men together who can learn from each other. Ultimately they begin to learn that they are not alone in their journey. Our team of professionals know how difficult this journey can be. Talking about their past during the sessions can potentially bring up triggering or painful feelings. This is why all of the men who take part in our Wise Guys programme are offered free counselling in addition to the sessions.

Our Domestic Abuse Lead said of the programme:

“Recently we have seen a significant increase in male clients being referred to our services. The majority of the men referred are relieved to find support and engage immediately with the programme. They appreciate the opportunity to discuss their experiences with others who have been in a similar situation and are keen to learn how to set boundaries for future relationships.

The Wise Guys programme offers a space that is free from judgment and the stigmas often faced by male survivors of DA. Providing free counselling alongside the programme ensures that participants have designated time just for them to work through their own personal experiences which compliments the group work perfectly.”

For more information….

You can find out more about Wise Guys HERE of by emailing [email protected] 

All of our clients are initially required to complete a referral form and partake in a short assessment to ascertain their suitability for the programme. 



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