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About our work

The work we do to support victims of domestic abuse can be life changing. Whilst we never claim to be the silver bullet that fixes everything, we pride ourselves in being a very instrumental part of the recovery process. 


Future Living appreciates this takes time, we are patient and, where possible, receptive to every client’s individual needs. No two stories are the same and no two recovery journeys are either. 

In fact, that’s what makes us who we are as a charity. We offer a unique service, which is client led. Future Living Offer a range of services for both women and men. Alongside this, there is a dedicated service for children, called The Base

Offering clients a choice

Upon a referral being received, our case working team arranges an initial assessment to be carried out. We treat every client as the individual they are. We never pass judgment, we just listen –  really listen, to what the client feels comfortable sharing. For many victims of domestic abuse, loss of voice, power and control are some of the many experiences they have faced. Often for years at a time. When given the freedom to speak for the first time, this can be overwhelming and may even feel alien to them.   


We work with the information we are given and do our utmost to respect our clients. We use our resources to recommend and  allocate the most appropriate service’s to them. Sometimes, this means us referring the client to an external service. We know who we are as a charity and what we can do. If ever we feel there is an alternate service which is more appropriate, we will take the initiative to utilise this. 


Ultimately, we want the best outcome for the client. Of course where possible, we would like to play a part in this but where it’s not, the client is our main priority. In some cases, We then work with the client further down the line once they are ready to access the support we can offer.  


A client we have worked with through The Monica Programme says, she ‘simply wouldn’t be here’ without our support. She has come a long way from when she first came to Future Living and now works in our onsite bakery. We endeavour to give clients the hope that with the right support, recovery is possible. 

Continuing to grow

As a service, we fully recognise the importance of guiding the client through the process of their recovery as opposed to ‘offering all the answers’ That’s why we give our clients choice in the services they can access and give them the opportunity to choose what they feel is right for them at the time. There is no pressure involved and often, clients return to our services months or even years later, once they have reached a different point in their lives. We leave the door open, and clients really acknowledge this. 


Just like our logo, which features a tree, we are ever changing but have our roots firmly planted in the ground and plan to be here for our clients for many more years to come. 


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