Loneliness Awareness Week


Loneliness is a crippling feeling that sadly affects a large percentage of the UK. Loneliness is often associated with those from the elderly generation but it can affect younger people too. Particularly with the digital age. Young people are leading a double life on social media. A life far from their own and lacking in actual human contact.


This week is loneliness awareness week.  Future Living wanted to share how we as a charity can help tackle the problem. Not only do we offer a broad range of services for those who have experienced domestic abuse. We also offer things such as counselling and volunteering opportunities within the charity in order to reduce isolation. 


One of our now employee’s started her journey with Future Living as a volunteer and recalls the positive impact volunteering had on her life at a time where she often felt lonely. She says:

‘’My depression was the worst it had ever been and was not helped by the fact I was unemployed and spent most of my time alone. I knew human connection was something which I was desperately lacking and decided I would like to volunteer. From the moment I started at Future Living, I was shown such kindness and finally felt I had somewhere I belonged. No matter how much you want to hide away sometimes, people need people! And being in such a warm and supportive environment quite literally brought me back to life.’’


She also credits the counseling service for her recovery and says that talking to someone each week really helped her to feel connected with people again. 


Programmes such as The Monica Programme, which is specifically for female survivors of domestic abuse and Wise Guys for male victims connect people to which the result of the abuse they have suffered often leaves them feeling lonely and isolated. We even host meetups once the programmes have ended. This ensures the friendships established are maintained. 


We have a range of volunteering opportunities available as well as new and exciting opportunities from our new bakery. We will soon be offering baking courses which will be a great way of bringing people together! 


The bakery has proved a welcome addition to our charity, it provides a place where people can come and forge new connections. We have a beautiful terrace area where members of the public are able to sit and enjoy a coffee. Even if they are sitting alone, it’s an opportunity to be around people and out in the fresh air, which is invaluable to anyone suffering from loneliness. 


There are always opportunities out there if you are feeling lonely.  We encourage you to take your first step today and discover what you have been missing! The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t start sooner.



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