Our work in schools – helping young people see a brighter future.


We all remember our school years. For some they weren’t so long ago, whereas for others perhaps they seem a distant memory. One thing is for sure, you never forget!

School is often referred to as ‘the best years of your life’ but for many young people it can be anything but. We appreciate this, we know first hand how difficult it can be for young people. Particularly with the additional pressures that young people now face. Factors such as social media, gangs, grooming, drugs, peer pressure – the list is endless!


That’s why, at Future Living  we know how important it is for pupils to be able to access the right support when they need it. Sometimes just having someone they can trust to share their problems with can be the difference between them attending school and not. 

We are proud of the work we do in schools across Hertfordshire. Our team are passionate about young people and really want to make a difference – and they are!


Some of the young people we work with shared some thoughts about the work they have done with us so far, we were so humbled by their responses, we felt we had to share some of them with you:


‘’Art therapy has helped with my mental health massively. It gets me into school at the beginning of the week compared to last year when my attendance was lower’.’


‘’It helps me to process things in my head by seeing what I’m thinking.’’


‘’Sometimes the thoughts are difficult but it is fun to do. Having a nice group of people who can relate to me in a friendly way is really helpful.’’


‘’I like when we share our work at the end but we don’t need to talk if we don’t want to.’’


‘’For so long I have been waiting  for something to help me and now I finally have it, I’m holding on to it tightly. I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity.’’


 ‘’I get to talk about how I am feeling and I am benefitting from getting my feelings out.’’


‘’I am glad the school has given me this opportunity to have someone to speak to.’’


‘’If I am struggling with my mental health, I know there is somewhere to go and someone to speak to.’’


Future Living is delighted to hear first hand the impact our work is having on young people’s lives. We look forward to continuing our work and helping more young people realise their full potential.  



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