We are a group of women who are not cut from the same cloth but we do make a perfect patchwork!’

Quilting hands

Here at Future Living we wanted to support our community through forms of art therapy to help heal after long periods of isolation due to coronavirus.  We wanted to celebrate how our community had managed through such a difficult time and offer something back.  We hadn’t realised just how profound an effect it would have on the members who joined.  Some thoughts from one of those members are below.  I think as a community we don’t always realise just what others are going through, and how something as simple as stitch and the company of new friends can have an impact on poor mental wellbeing and our lives.  I believe the wonderful ladies in this group have formed some life long friendships, found new interests and will go on to include others in the group in the future.  There is always much chatter and laughter from the group when they meet, such a happy environment.


As our quilting group goes from strength to strength their quilt is close to being finished, we have new members joining and the group have big plans! While the original course has officially finished, the ladies are continuing as a self-directed group bringing their own projects in and sharing skills and resources.  

Here is another testimony from one of our quilting members. 

‘It’s taken me this long to think of the right words.

The quilting group was something that I engaged with as I had already had a self-referral for anxiety through GP to the well-being services and one phone consultation. The advice was that if I was engaging in an activity now I would not qualify for further treatment through well-being services. So, my first session I rallied my mum to come along with me for support and confidence.

I can honestly say it’s been a magical experience. I instantly felt a sense of comfort and support within the group and within The Future Living environment itself.

The sessions have offered me time and space to dis-engage an anxious mindset and re-engage a thirst for new experiences and positive changes.

We are a group of women who are not cut from the same cloth but we do make a perfect patchwork!’

There are no words to describe how delighted we all are at Future Living  that this wonderful lady has benefitted so much from something so simple.

Maybe in the future we need to become a community that notices people around us, reaches out to them and gives more time to the simple things in life – like stitch!


Sandra Conte, CEO



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